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Mariza at primetime television program ‘De Leeuw op Zondag’. With almost a million viewers one of the most popular talk and entertainment shows on dutch television. Hosted by amusement guru Paul de Leeuw an icoon in history of dutch television. March 2010.



Her first brand new studio album since early 2005, ’Terra’ (EMI) signals an exciting, new creative force in Mariza’s music. In the period since her last studio recording ’Transparente’ (EMI), the iconic fado singer has released a highly acclaimed concert disc ’Concerto Em Lisboa’ (EMI), filled major concert halls worldwide (including, in the UK, the Royal Albert Hall, Royal Festival Hall, and Barbican), appeared repeatedly on TV and released a boxed set retrospective of her story so far entitled simply ’Mariza’ (EMI, 3CD and 2 DVD set). Three years without a new studio album has generated much speculation about the direction her new disc would take: would it retrench on her earlier fado programme or move in new non-fado directions? In the event, ’Terra’ elegantly and organically does both. Contained within its fourteen songs are new musical ideas and directions, yet the feel remains decidely Portuguese and the album includes what is, arguably, some of Mariza’s most impassioned, subtle and complete singing to date.

Through the combination of her unique talent and seven years of hard work and discipline, Mariza has attained the status of a great global singer. She has done this not only by exploring the traditional elements within Fado but incorporating the new voices of Fado poets and being prepared to find subtle accommodations with the best contemporary visions of the music. From her début album ‘Fado Em Mim’, through ‘Fado Curvo’, the groundbreaking ‘Transparente’ and the “live” set “Concerto Em Lisboa’, Mariza has simultaneously held sway as both the voice of tradition / revival and that of change. With her brand new album ‘Terra’ (‘Earth’), this iconic singer takes that balance within her work and begins a whole new creative phase.

Mariza sums up this development in one word: “Truth”, adding: “During seven years of international tours, I had the chance to discover other peoples and cultures. I watched and I listened. I learned. This is my moment. This is my truth. I’ve always been true to myself, and I’ve always been true to my fans. And I wanted this album to show them my progress as a singer and a human being. My two previous albums, ‘Transparente’ and ‘Concerto Em Lisboa’ were like the end of a cycle to me. This new album, I’ve decided to call it ‘Terra’. Why? Maybe because I always have my feet firmly planted on the ground, >>

>> and also because recording it was like going on a musical journey.”
“I want to sing for the world”, she continues, “but I know I’ll always be coming back home to my roots”.

On ‘Terra’, the Portuguese Fado guitar is joined by British guitarist Dominic Miller (one of Sting’s supporting musicians for the last twenty years); three piano players — Brazilian Ivan Lins and Cubans Chucho Valdês and Ivan “Melon” Lewis; Spanish flamenco guitarist Javier Limón; Spanish percussionist Piraña (Paco De Lucia’s favourite percussionist) and the Grammy Award-winning drummer Horacio “el Negro” Hernández (another Cuban musician and a sometime Carlos Santana and Dizzy Gillespie collaborator). Mariza’s voice blends perfectly with those of Cape Verdean Tito Paris (a hit when he appeared with Mariza at her legendary Royal Albert Hall concert in London) and Afro-hispanic Concha Buika. After Jorge Fernando, Carlos Maria Trindade and Jacques Morelenbaum, Mariza has chosen Spaniard Javier Limón as the producer for ‘Terra’ – what a challenge! But in this cosmopolitan mixture of flamenco and morna, jazz and folk music, we hear a constant Portuguese sound, whether we call it Fado or simply Mariza.

As noted in the opening paragraph, ‘Terra’, may present distinctly new musical vistas, yet it also contains some of Mariza’s most impassioned and fully realized singing. This vocal tour-de-force of Portuguese soul carries these songs across both familiar and new terrain. ‘Terra’ remains a Portuguese album through and through yet recorded for the World at large. “The seeds are sown”, says Mariza, “and the fruits will be plentiful and diverse”.

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